Colocation service

Colocation provides a high-performance environment for your critical IT infrastructure. Customers can benefit from a 100% uptime SLA and focus on core business rather than managing a data center. Additionally, colocation provides dedicated, private connection options to hundreds of network, cloud and IT service providers to help streamline your architecture.

The Advantages of Colocation

Security & compliance

Our data center provides comprehensive measures to meet the security and regulatory requirements, such as 24x7x365 in-house security officers, perimeter fencing, IP-DVR cameras, biometrics and keycard scanners.

Robust Power Capacity & Redundancy

With robust infrastructure and built-in redundancies across generators; we ensures that your data is always up and running when you and your customers need it.

Flexible solutions with the ability to scale (Scalability)

Flexible options for whatever sized infrastructure your applications demand, each available with a variety of power, security, connectivity, cooling options. Our range of colocation services can accommodate your shifting business needs.

Powerful Network

Our redundant network connects to the world's known network providers, delivering up blazing speed with low latency, and a core network uptime of 99.999%.

Reduced infrastructure costs

Our colocation service allows customers to benefit from the best infrastructure and reliability and maximize all the benefits while minimizing the cost associated with cooling, ventilaton and risk suppression systems.

24/7 On-Site Support Staff

Our engineers and technicians provide expert rack services, installs hardware, power and connectivity, troubleshooting and any other hands-on services upon request.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Hannes Stein
I decided to make them the home of a few of my websites. Since then everything is running per-fectly fine. I never had a problem with the server nor did i experience any unplanned downtime at all. I can definitely put ALLUS on top of my premium host list and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a solid/stable platform with outstanding support. Whenever i had a few issues with managing this machine they instantly jumped in and provided help. Furthermore their response times to tickets are one of the fastest i ever experienced.
Web Developer
Luke Thomas
You guys are great hosts. We have hundreds of hosting accounts and I don't remember ever having issues with you guys that weren't resolved swiftly and professionally. Thank you.
Production Manager at UpsideOut
Rudy Yang
The reason I chose Natcoweb was price and location, and I was expecting an OK service but what I got could be described as very good service, and the datacenter was pretty nice and I liked it. There are a few things I want to say about Natcoweb, the most important one is that network up time is pretty good, even it's not perfect but they response to the situation very promptly and get the job done pretty well, with modest pricing I would say natcoweb is ideal for small to medium businesses looking to host their own websites, to build their own clusters or even small scale cloud computing.
Manufacturer Express, Inc.
Balkrishna Sharma
Yes, I am very happy with the experience so far. There has been no outage, network speed has been consistent, the remote admin access are sufficient. In all, able to use the server without any issues :-) Thanks for the fine job of procuring and installing so fast.
Oleg Cherevatyy
Using ALLUS Online for almost year for one of company's projects. Really happy with support and sales team - very responsive and helpful. All maintenance tasks performed with our approvement in appropriate time that is crucial for business. Thank you and keep it up!
Executive Director at MagneticOne
Syed Adnan
I needed reliability and it seems that Natcoweb was located in a top notch datacenter. I also required value for money which your firm was offering. My expectation for collocation were for reliability and value for money and I am satisfied with your service. I would certainly buy more collocation services from Natcoweb as and when my business grows but right now I have hit technological issues which are limiting my roll out.
Net Check Post